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Aktuelles · 06. März 2019
Update The exhibition Heart Failure is now travelling to Munich. During the Munich Jewelry Week, Alliages Gallery will exhibit the carefully curated art jewellery from the 'Heart failure' at Zentnerstraße 3, 80798 Munich, Germany. The exhibition will open on the 13th March and will be on display until the 16th March.

Aktuelles · 05. März 2019
Izabella Petrut ist eine der 13. Schmuckpositionen die vom 6. – 24. März im MAK FORUM, im Rahmen des Eligius-Preis 2019, präsentiert werden.

Aktuelles · 19. August 2017
TANGENT MATTERS - The body is always there - Lena Grabher Michelle Kraemer Izabella Petrut Lena Grabher, Michelle Kraemer, Izabella Petrut are all interested in the subtle touch between the piece of jewelry and the body of the wearer. They believe there is a point, a line or a surface of tangency between the two that create a great level of intimacy. This tangency is the focus of Grabher's, Kraemer's and Petrut's work. The three artists explore jewelry from the perspective of a body that exists...

Neckpiece: DIPLOPIA 3  Elasto-plastic, acrylic mirror, textile, silicone, magnets  Photo by: Lukas Gaechter
Aktuelles · 27. Juni 2017
Through videos, audio, photographs and essays, you can experience EXPOSÉ an exhibition of exhibitions, for which 8 contemporary Jewellers have been invited to present their curatorial vision. This project was conceived by Benjamin Lignel. for more information on this project: One of these visions is STIMULI curated by Lilian Mattuschka for which Lena Grabher's work was selected. "If the visitor has to imagine the artwork is it still a jewellery exhibition? We...

Necklace – 2012 -rollerblade plastic shell, lace, textile hardener, vinyl paint, varnish, one of a kind.
Aktuelles · 01. Juni 2017
As of this spring, you can find Izabella Petrut's 'A love story' series, exclusively at Gallery Alice Floriano in Brazil. Rua Félix da Cunha 1143 Bairro Moinhos de Vento Porto Alegre Brasil

Aktuelles · 06. Mai 2017
Gioielli in Fermento 2017 - Master Collection

Aktuelles · 02. Oktober 2016
Three of the STOSSIMHIMMEL artists, Michelle Kraemer, Eva Tesarik and Izabella Petrut, have been selected for The Legacy Award 2016, organised by Alliages gallery. The selected pieces have been showcased at Joya Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair 29-30th September & 1st October 2016. Yesterday evening, October the 1st, they announced the winning artists: Teresa Faris, Nicole Shuster and Izabella Petrut won the Alliages choice awards, Ignasi Cavaller the Public Award and Isabelle Brusnel the Jury...

Aktuelles · 02. September 2016
Lena Grabher is the winner of the Eligius Award for Body Jewelry and Jewelry Objects 2016. Eligius Award for Body Jewelry and Jewelry Objects is a being organized every tree years, since 2005, by the Federal State of Salzburg and it is Austria's only award for contemporary jewelry. On the 6th of September you can see the shortlisted and the winning pieces at MAK Vienna. The exhibition is a cooperation between Kunst im Traklhaus and the MAK. Exhibition Dates: 7 – 25 Sep 2016More Info at...

Aktuelles · 19. Januar 2015
Kingsize was a pop-up exhibition curated by Zuzana Duchova and Atelier STOSSIMHIMMEL. The exhibition took place in the Presidential Room from the main train station in Bratislava, a room decorated in a style that might have maybe once represented luxury (I somehow doubt that), an odd aesthetic that can only question beauty in respect to interior design. The selected pieces, each of them with strong concepts regarding status and power, put together in that room, created a surreal atmosphere....

Aktuelles · 10. Oktober 2014
Atelier STOSSIMHIMMEL had a lot of fun at Blickfang at MAK.

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