Michelle Kraemer


Schmuck ist für mich etwas das man anfassen muss und so entstehen meine Stücke, durch das Anfassen und spielen mit den Materialien. Material ist meine Inspiration und Herausforderung zugleich. Oft lasse ich es in meinen Händen entscheiden was es sein will und manchmal verlangt eine bestimmte Idee nach einem bestimmten Material. Sie werden so stark transformiert, bis sie ihr wahres, unmittelbares Gesicht zeigen, bis sie Schmuck werden.


Jewellery is something that needs to be touched. And this is how it all starts; intuitively manipulating materials.Sometimes I let them decide themselves what they want to be and sometimes a specific idea calls for a specific material. The challenge, for me, is to transform the material in such a way that it changes completely, until it becomes something else entirely, until it becomes jewellery.




The Universe / all of time and space / from the vast contents of intergalactic space / to the smallest subatomic particles / all matter / 

all energy / where time began / everything that exists / everything that has every existed / everything that will ever exist / every atom of me and you / produced in the heart of a dying star / transformed into an expression of my own imagined reality


UltraLight _ GlamRocks

...because a little sparkle never hurt anyone!

Glamorously edgy pieces hand carved from balsa wood, covered in glitter in combination with oxidized sterling silver.


UltraLight _ HeavyMetals

Balsa wood…hand carved…refined with leaf-metals…transformed into bold pieces of unexpected almost etheral lightness...a pleasure to wear and to layer in unique combinations. I carve these pieces by hand, so each one is unique!



Up and above / in a far away land / exploring an unreachable world / dreaming of landscapes and possibilities...

unreachable but with imagination / so close yet so far / that's where I want to go...

to be among these ethereal, ephemeral entities / to touch them, to make them mine / to materialize them into my own imagined reality