Michelle Kraemer

Michelle Kraemer / Photo by Lukas Gaechter

Unique conceptual jewellery series from which are developed into small collections and limited editions with bold and edgy pieces. Carefully hand-carved from balsa wood and meticulously coated in various materials, from 24kt gold leaf to various pigments and paints, each piece is one-of-a-kind with each facet, bump, scratch or texture making up its unique character. I have a passion for large jewellery and with the use of balsa wood I can create bold statement pieces that are nearly weightless and a pleasure to wear.





The Universe / all of time and space / from the vast contents of intergalactic space / to the smallest subatomic particles / all matter / 

all energy / where time began / everything that exists / everything that has every existed / everything that will ever exist / every atom of me and you / produced in the heart of a dying star / transformed into an expression of my own imagined reality


UltraLight _ GlamRocks

...because a little sparkle never hurt anyone!

Glamorously edgy pieces hand carved from balsa wood, covered in glitter in combination with oxidized sterling silver.


UltraLight _ HeavyMetals

Balsa wood…hand carved…refined with leaf-metals…transformed into bold pieces of unexpected almost etheral lightness...a pleasure to wear and to layer in unique combinations. I carve these pieces by hand, so each one is unique!



Up and above / in a far away land / exploring an unreachable world / dreaming of landscapes and possibilities...

unreachable but with imagination / so close yet so far / that's where I want to go...

to be among these ethereal, ephemeral entities / to touch them, to make them mine / to materialize them into my own imagined reality