Dora Des

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Dora Des / Photo by Lukas Gaechter

Welcome to my world of jewelry. The unique, handmade pieces might seemingly be a result of lucky accidents or random fate. However, there is always a conscious message, a hidden secret, a little irony or a tiny surprise in the playful and light designs. 

I believe that jewelry is an interactive, living object, which springs into real existence when the material, the designer and – last but not least - the owner meet. The real value of a piece of jewelry can therefore only be measured by what it adds to the unique, unmatched and irreplaceable personality of its owner and what it means to her/him.

Chalice Serie

Camouflage Serie

Verlobungs- und Eheringe

The Green Serie


Kunigundas Garten Serie

Please Do Not Touch Serie

Healing Serie 2022