Tangent Matters - The Body is always there @ Galerie V&V



- The body is always there -


Lena Grabher

Michelle Kraemer

Izabella Petrut


Lena Grabher, Michelle Kraemer, Izabella Petrut 

are all interested in the subtle touch between the piece of jewelry and the body of the wearer. They believe there is a point, a line or a surface of tangency between the two that create a great level of intimacy. This tangency is the focus of Grabher's, Kraemer's and Petrut's work. The three artists explore jewelry from the perspective of a body that exists whether it is seen or not, whether  it is present or not. The actual, physical presence or absence of the body or of the wearer, doesn't take away the intimacy and the tangency, whether they are real or metaphorical.  



 Opening with the artists

24th August 19h - 21h  


Installation-Performance, Collaboration of Elements

with Shayan Kazemi 

19th September


Galerie V&V

Bauernmarkt 19

1010 Vienna - Austria