Heart Failure - A new exhibition at ALLIAGES Gallery


The exhibition Heart Failure is now travelling to Munich.

During the Munich Jewelry Week, Alliages Gallery will exhibit the carefully curated art jewellery from the 'Heart failure' at Zentnerstraße 3, 80798 Munich, Germany.

The exhibition will open on the 13th March and will be on display until the 16th March.


"Heart Failure. Is it the end? Or just  new start?"


Heart Failure, an exhibition proposed by ALLIAGES and curated by Juan Riusech, shows the works of 58 international jewellery artists, amongst them also Michelle Kraemer, Izabella Petrut, Dora Des and Eva Tesarik from Atelier STOSSIMHIMMEL.


Opening: 14th December | 6pm to 8pm 

Exhibition on show until 23rd February 2019.


Espace Apace:Art

111, Boulevard Victor Hugo

59000 Lille



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Izabella Petrut

The heart is not a clock, but it mirrors the behaviour of one, counting down or counting towards what seems to be the destination. It ticks away every second of our existence, fuelling our engines, providing us with livelihood. Rebellious hearts, through strategies such as arrhythmia and temporary pauses, strive to cheat time. Disobeying against time does not come without risks, and when the heart is not successful, the punishment is the complete loss of the remaining time. But when the hear accomplishes the defiant act, it gains more time and a new chance to try again. With a rebellious heart, every beat is a new beginning.


Dora Des

Life is beautiful and it ends with death.
Modelling dough is very smooth, its consistence, its bright, vivid colours, the velvety feel irresistibly attract one to touch and squeeze it. When dry, modelling dough is springless and breakable. However, it still preserves its appealing shapes, forms and colours which attract one to touch and squeeze it.
Therefore let’s say life is beautiful and it indeed ends with death, but it is beautiful nonetheless.
At times transition can be smooth, at times it is painfully abrupt. My pieces attempt to capture moments of transition and preserve the beauty of seemingly opposite states. 


Michelle Kraemer

Heart failure. Is it the end or a new beginning?


Our heart will go through a lot, good things and bad ones. Every time the heart gets broken, love and patience will heal it. The scars left behind cannot be forgotten and will forever be a part of us. Whenever things come to an end they will open up the way for new beginnings. Things happen for a reason and even though this reason is hard to see sometimes, it is up to us to see the new possibilities and not let our hearts turn to stone.

Eva Tesarik