Marta Edocs

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I am originally a glass artist, started making jewelry just for myself. I got more and more excited, my hobby became more serious, I learned silversmithing and working with silver clay.


In most of my works I am combining glass with traditional silversmithing , but also

silverclay, some pieces are only silver and once in a while I am using other materials.


I capture moods, emotions, harmony, moments of my life. I am more interested in shapes, structures and messages in the pieces, than on the tipical shiny surface of glass, so I engrave, grind and etch my glass elements. For the same reason I love to keep the white oxidation layer on silver surface, or have a matt silver or gold finish and sometimes use black patina.


For many years I was using black and shaded colors. Currently there is work on my

table in bright colors like red, turquise, bright cobalt and I am planing to make a new serie in the winter with white and clear and plan to use again gold surfaces too.


I love big pieces, that are still wearable.