Izabella Petrut

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Izabella Petrut / photo by Lukas Gaechter


I am a chocolate lover, a vegetarian and a jewelry enthusiast. When I don't make jewelry, I study for my PhD, practice yoga, read poetry, visit art exhibitions (especially contemporary art,) take long walks or bike rides through the city. 


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Here and now (2015-2017)

Time, a dark thing in life, flying too fast or sliding too slow. I often wonder whether time is my friend or my enemy. I am always late, trying to postpone getting old, but always in a hurry to experience more of this life. Always tired, always on the road, running towards a sad finish-line: death, but permanently wanting to stop, get some sleep, smell the flowers and just breath. Sometimes, all I wish is for time to pass, so a new thing can happen, but when things are good, I try to hold on to a certain second for as long as I can. The present moment seams to be always slipping away. I am looking forward to the future and I am trapped in the past. Here and now are the only things we should experience, and yet, this is the most difficult thing to do. The present is a concept so difficult to truly understand, full of hope, a small spark of light in the darkness of time.

We become one (2014)

It’s dark and quiet, and deep and empty. Very shy, it shows itself for a second and then it’s gone again. It makes me very curious, I want to find out more. What is it, who is it, is it important? Sometimes it is less timid and lets me see it for a bit longer, not enough to satisfy my curiosity, but long enough to make me want more. The 2nd one comes out, the 3rd one, the 4th one and the 5th, but just for a second. My curiosity then becomes obsession and I try to remember and to figure out what it was about. Then I sink in and start to give it a shape, a material and to make it real. This way I can look at it for as long as I want. With a body, it is not shy or afraid anymore. We become one.

Innocent (2013)

The “Innocent” project gives me the chance to express an issue I am very much concerned with: the abuse against animals. The plastic toys are a way of representing an innocence that can only imply the horrible things that could / might have happened.

Materials : plastic toys, electroformed, alpaca, silver, paint, varnish , onyx, silk, pigments, copper.

A love story  (2012)

This is a love story as I remember it. When we remember things, they are inaccurate, not true sometimes. We mostly remember the feelings. By using the remains of some inline-skates (rollerblades) he used, I take advantage of all the material and emotional qualities they are giving me, extracting the value from the objects (skates) and refining then by changing their state, separating it into material and emotion. These pieces of jewelry are an accumulation of feelings, memories, years that have been left behind. There is no history, just a story.