Summer opening times


In order to get new ideas and lots of inspiration, the STOSSIMHIMMEL artists need a vacation, need to relax, to travel and to spend time with their friends and family.

But this doesn't mean we will not be making jewelry, it just means we are taking it slow. We will have flexible opening times in the studio, mostly afternoons.


You can always make an apointment by calling:

  • Izabella Petrut: +43 699 11217072 
  • Michelle Kraemer: +43 660 4295566
  • or by email: 

Enjoy your summer and come by to chill with some contemporary jewelry. 


20 years of Atelier STOSSIMHIMMEL 


We are celebrating our 20th anniversary this year!


So if you want to find our more about the history of Atelier STOSSIMHIMMEL,

look for us on social media under #20yearsSTOSSIMHIMMEL.

If you have a nice memory to share, or when you wear something made by the artists here,

tag your photos with



STOSSIMHIMMEL ist eine Gruppe von 8 Schmuckkünstlerinnen aus verschiedenen Teilen Europas, die dem Thema Schmuck aufgeschlossen und künstlerisch begegnen. Die Künstlerinnen haben mehrere internationale Preise gewonnen, wurden in Büchern und Magazinen publiziert und nehmen regelmäßig an internationalen Wettbeweben teil. STOSSIMHIMMEL wurde 1996 gegründet. Es finden regelmäßig Ausstellungen in den eigenen Räumlichkeiten sowie in internationalen Galerien statt. Die Künstlerinnen des Ateliers folgen ihrem eigenen künstlerischen Konzept. Sie experimentieren mit verschiedenen Materialien und verwirklichen ihr einmaligen, individuellen Visionen von Schmuckkunst.




Atelier STOSSIMHIMMEL is a group of 8 artists / designers / makers from different parts of Europe who share the same vision about contemporary jewellery. The artists won several international awards, were published in books and magazines and are constantly participating in international competitions. STOSSIMHIMMEL was born in 1996 and constantly makes exhibitions in its own gallery as well as in international galleries. Every piece of jewellery is being hand-made and produced in this studio. Each one of the members of the group follows their own concept and material experimentations, creating eight very unique and individual visions upon jewellery.