Lena Grabher

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Lena Grabher / Photo by Lukas Gaechter

Driven by an urge to discover and explore, Lena combines traditional techniques with contemporary processes. Every piece is richly crafted by hand, using high-quality materials and recycled metals only. Jewellery as a traditional means of adornment becomes part of our physical appearance, and therefore a medium to explore and express our identity. Lena uses jewellery to create a symbiotic relationship between the body and its environment.


Lena started her education in classical goldsmithing techniques in Vienna and completed her apprenticeship examination as a Jeweler in 2010. Lena then moved to Florence, Italy, where she studied at the renowed school ALCHIMIA to receive her BFA in 2013. Thus, she completed her MFA studies in Metals in May 2015 at the State University of New York in New Paltz. Since then she has exhibited her work in places such as Munich, Amsterdam, Florence, New York, Boston or Beijing and many more. Lenas unique designs and conceptual approach in jewellery have been awarded with the prestigious ›Eligius Award 2016‹.

BUBBLE Collection

Bubble is a Series of pieces with a unique organic structure. The soulful collection intends to capture a certain feeling, in order to hold on to the moment of a freshly poured glass of Champagne, the sparkle of a special Moment. Thus the pieces are, easy to wear as in celebrating this moment with close friends and sharing your special moment with beloved ones.


SINUOUS Collection


Sinuous is a collection of pieces with unexpected contours as they present a deviation from classical form. Each piece of this Serie is unconditionally unique in its shape. Unusual for the hard material they are made of the are imitating the visual properties of a more supple material and floating movement. Yet when worn, its gentle structures integrate into anyone’s style and fits every occasion. contemporary looks: explore modern earrings for the season ahead.

ROUGH CUT Collection


ROUGH CUT  is a series based on spontaneous gestures that define a haphazard outcome. This characteristic approach for Lena Kris work method brings individuality to each piece. The contours are edgy, the finish is rough, as this series compliments the smooth and playful shapes of BUBBLE and SINUOUS. 



Diplopia means “double vision,” and refers to the symptom of seeing two images instead of one. It is the simultaneous perception of two images of a single object that may be displaced horizontally, vertically or diagonally. It refers to the effects of play back, projection, and distortion, that are threaded through this body of work. What we place on our body becomes a part of the image of our projected self and therefore acts as an indicator of our identity. In DIPLOPIA I manipulate aspects of physical appearance with exacting methods, such as cutting optical lenses and creating mirror structures to redirect the light. Using the language of jewelry, I explore optics and illusion in order to play with the wearer and viewer‘s perception. I use jewelry to create a symbiotic relationship between the body and its environment through light projection, magnification or mirroring to blur the boundary between the two. What relationships can jewelry create, between the body, adornment, and one’s surroundings? I focus on the presence of the body and the interaction of the wearable object with the body and its surroundings. What we see and what we perceive are interwoven and cannot be disentangled from each other. The body is challenging as a site to present an object, because of its variability and particularity that limits our ability to control the objects perception, but it also activates the objects in a transformative and unpredictable way, which makes them particular according to the space. Therefore, my goal is to create jewelry that not only stands alone as an object but obtains its function when worn, creating a conflation of ornament and utility that challenges our perception of self and other, and the role of jewelry in this construction.